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Plautz’s plan for crops lost in July 9 hailstorm takes major detour

GIBBON — The page 1 Hub photo of Dean Plautz standing in a cornfield east of the intersection of Lowell and Kilgore roads, south of Gibbon, captures the misery felt by hundreds of south-central Nebraska farmers the morning after the July 9 hailstorm. — Full Story »

Moving Forward

RAVENNA — Green plants covering rolling hills along Ravenna Road and for miles beyond give a midsummer garden look to Nebraska farmland that should be painted in harvest season tans and browns. — Full Story »

Cargill elevator near Holdrege increases grain capacity by 3.5 million bushels

HOLDREGE — Harvest season grain piles at the Cargill elevator southwest of Holdrege are a thing of the past for the foreseeable future because bin capacity has been increased from 1.5 million bushels to 5 million bushels. — Full Story »

Farmers can buy livestock lost in drought until 2015

LINCOLN — Farmers and ranchers in all or part of 30 states who were forced to sell livestock due to drought since 2010 will have until the end of the 2015 tax year to buy replacements and defer capital gains tax on forced sales. — Full Story »

Farmers' automatic shut-off device saves water, electricity; it just needs rain to work

HOLDREGE — A Nebraska farmer is awakened in the middle of the night during irrigation season by the sound of more than a passing shower of rain on his roof. It may be enough to meet his crop’s water needs for at least a day or two. — Full Story »

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